What Is T-TRIBE ?

Center for innovation and Entrepreneurship, Vardhaman College of Engineering has collaborated with T Hub to implement T – Tribe program to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem in our campus. T-TRIBE, a unique synergic initiative, from T-Hub, launched to nurture and promotes early stage innovation. It proffers transformation by handholding and channelizing their ideas into the next big start-up. The nucleus of the initiative is on assisting the partnered colleges to build a comprehensive platform to source their in-house ideations and endeavors to create a pathway between corporate industry and academia.

What’s in it for our Students ?

  1. Comprehensive curriculum to inculcate entrepreneurial competencies
  2. Experiential learning with interactive platforms and real-time interventions
  3. Transforms the learner into a well-equipped individual with industry-relevant skills and strong survival instincts
  4. Launchpad brings for students an array of webinars, workshops, Meetups, talks and other events
  5. Opportunity to work with startups of your interested domain.